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After learning how to diagram sentences and speak Latin in a parochial school for eight years, I have always had a love of the English language. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that I launch this web site and blog to coincide with the publication of my first book.

The end was only the beginning started as a love story while sitting in the chemotherapy suite with my wife, Mary Alice. I wanted to write about her life before we met and our subsequent life together so while we sat in the suite I talked to her about her life as a small child and how she came to love animals and nature. Her childhood stories quickly informed me about how her life and her values were shaped early very early. Learning about her demanding mother who treated Mary Alice like a prized possession also shaped her somewhat rebellious and very independent attitude.

As I wrote this story and Mary Alice battled cancer four times during our life together, it became clear that there was more to the story than our relationship. The book I have written is not only a memoir but a profile of a brave and fearless woman whose motto was “Never Give In” and she never did.

Even at the end of her life Mary Alice fought fiercely and never believed for a moment that she would lose her battle with ovarian cancer. In the end, she did not. It was one of the chemo agents that took her life as she had a toxic and fatal reaction to one of the drugs.

After her passing our connection became totally spiritual as Mary Alice and I have the ability to communicate even though she now belongs to the spirit world. I know it sounds strange but this very special gift is a result of our spiritual connection on Earth and our desire to maintain contact with each other.

Please come back to my blog often as I write about my spiritual experiences with other spirits and my physical manifestations of Mary Alice’s continuing presence on this little planet. Thanks for joining me on this blog site. Hope you have read the book and will provide some feedback on the story.

Until the next post I remain…………guided by spirit…… we all are.


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