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Blog Post #11

As October comes to a close and ushers in the winter season it is a lovely time of year in the southeast United States. However, last weekend I traveled to Tennessee to help my brother bury his wife of 43 years. They have five beautiful children as well as beautiful grandchildren. My sister-in-law (Penny) was a gracious and lovely southern woman who loved God and respected family by always giving of herself to them.

It was with mixed emotions that I visited the funeral home and then went to the graveside service, which was held under a cloudless blue sky. The interesting thing about Penny’s passing is that earlier in the week when my brother told me about her passing, she came to me in a beautiful spiritual moment.

As I was out for an evening walk (it was already dark) I spotted something shiny on the ground. I stopped and picked up a penny. I was immediately aware of Penny’s presence and I asked if she was there with me. The answer came back loud and clear and she told me that she knew her family was in a lot of pain and she wanted me to tell them that she was at peace and pain free. She told me that she was talking to me because she knew that I can communicate with spirit. I picked up the penny and took it home. I wrote a note to my brother and his family with the words she spoke to me that evening.

As my friend Jamie Butler says, we all have the ability to communicate with spirit but most people are sleeping and unaware of their ability. I realize that I have a unique gift and I continue to work on raising my level of consciousness. Spirituality means many things to different people. In my definition spirituality is raising your level of consciousness in a peaceful (meditative) state while centering your focus within.

There are so many distractions in today’s culture. Advertising messages, blaring media, meetings, errands, kids, social affairs and business meetings fill up our days and evenings many times with no dramatic impact on our lives. Most of us do not take the time to be self-aware or centered through mindfulness. Once we do take the time to center ourselves we can connect with the spirit world by channeling and open our hearts and minds.

Some of this may sound too “woo-woo” in our fast-moving and contemporary society. However, for those of us who meditate and take the time to reach out to those who have gone before us, we know we can connect with loved ones. If you have not tried to do so, please consider the many wonderful possibilities associated with developing your unique sense of spirituality and awareness. You may be beautifully surprised at the results.

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