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Fall Blog - Post #10

Fall is finally upon us and the race to elect a new American President is in its final stages……………thankfully. However, it may be that there are some spiritual lessons to be learned by watching the debates and the actions of the two major party candidates. Yes, that may sound like a stretch but here is the logic.

The American general election process may be flawed and cumbersome. And many people and pundits have complained that both of the major party candidates are less qualified than many potential candidates. While I do not invest a lot of time in watching the debates after the most recent one it seems that the two candidates are doing what a lot of people do in their lives. They are avoiding the essence of life, i.e., real issues and filling their media time with silly distractions. Isn’t that what a lot of us do with our lives?

The essence of life is not what kind of car you drive, how much wealth you have, .how big your house is or where your kids go to school. Life should be about loving our neighbors, helping the poor and the disabled and about trying to make the world a better place. Sadly, many people only try to better themselves…………..and to what end? We are all departing this earthly world the same way and the reality is that no matter how much material wealth you may have accumulated on Earth, true wealth is spiritual wealth. You can definitely take that with you.

As you likely know, I am acutely aware of “life on the other side” due to my ability to communicate with those who have gone before us. And the one message I continue to receive from the spirit world is that so much of what we experience here is pure clutter and mostly distraction from the issues that really matter.

That is precisely what is happening with the Presidential Debates and national election. People are distracted from the real issues such as the economy, border security, international unrest and the very real threat to our Internet security. Meanwhile, the candidates seem to be picking at each other on a purely personal basis while many people in America want answers to the question of what each candidate would do to solve the problems we face.

Don’t let your life be distracted. Focus on raising your level of spiritual consciousness and being a better person, parent, partner or spouse. Don’t let sports, social status or your latest fashion statement define who you are. Live your life with love and empathy and always try to be kind and compassionate to those who are less fortunate. At the end of your life you will not be measured by how much “stuff” you have or how many debates you won. Your next life will be about how and who you loved and what kind of impact your love made on the world around you.

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