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Blog Post #3

Blog Post #3

This weekend I was honored to be asked by the Beta Psi Chapter of Sigma Chi, the

Brothers of the Georgia Tech chapter, to speak at their Friday night dinner which kicked

off the Skip Beebe Leadership for Life Workshop at Winshape Retreat on the Berry

College Campus. Most of the chapter members attended the workshop which featured a

mixer and dinner at the Coosa Country Club on the lovely Coosa River in Rome, GA. The

impressive group of young men sat in groups after dinner and discussed their lives and


Although I had to depart on Saturday for a book signing event I was unable to witness

the full day of activities designed to teach, learn and build character and leadership. This

was an impressive group of young men capably managed by caring and innovative

alums who started the program several years ago. The unique thing about this workshop

is that the alums maintain contact with the undergrads throughout the year so that they

can build on the skills they learn in the training session.

This is a unique and wonderful program and it was an honor to part of the weekend. My

speech consisted of some information about my personal life and professional history.

However, the essence of my message to these worthy brothers was one of listening with

your heart and learning how to truly love yourself, your family, your friends and your

brothers. I also encouraged them to live in the moment and take every ounce of joy

possible from the weekend and every moment they have on Earth. Hopefully the

leadership lessons they learned coupled with some very personal messages from me, will

propel them into life after college perhaps a bit better prepared than those who have not

had the opportunity to receive the training and caring mentorship that they did.

It was an honor and a privilege to address the next generation of Sigma Chi brothers. I

only wish this type of training and experiential learning had been available when I was

an undergrad.

Good luck, Brothers. Hope the lessons of the weekend will stay with you for a lifetime.

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