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Blog Post #6

We start today with a statement of the obvious. June is not a great month for me. Mary Alice passed away on June 5 in 2014. My sweet Mother crossed over on June 7, 2015. Matthew, who passed on February 20, 2015, would have been 33 on June 9 of this year. Finally, my good friend, Chris Esposito, passed on June 3 last year. What a month!!

However, having experienced this unique set of circumstances my perspective is also unique. If you have read the book about Mary Alice (The end was only the beginning) you will know that I see death not as an end but as a beginning. Yes, it is painful for those of us left on Earth and the emotions of loss and grief are ever present on those anniversary dates. But the joy of knowing that our loved ones are not that far away is not only comforting but inspiring.

Communicating with deceased loved ones may seem strange or impossible. It is not. My friend and medium, Jamie Butler, believes that everyone has the ability to communicate with spirits but she believes that most of us are sleeping and unaware. She believes one of her missions in life is to “wake people up” so that they can do what she does…….communicate with the deceased.

Indeed it was my two hour session with Jamie shortly after Mary Alice’s death that I was able to affirm that Mary Alice had been communicating with me since her earthly departure. Moreover, this event confirmed my own ability to communicate with spirit and I have been doing so ever since July 2014.

Many people roll their eyes when I talk about this and others are extremely interested. Some I have spoken to have had their own unique experiences but have been uncertain on how or even if they have truly had such a “spiritual experience.” As I like to say, if you open your heart and mind to the possibility of this phenomenon, then you can experience it. However, most of us on the earthly plane are simply too cluttered to allow the spiritual messages to come through to us. Meditation is a great way to start this process and helps clear the mind for channeling the messages from beyond.

Hopefully your summer will be filled with joy and laughter and a minimum amount of pain and suffering. Keep your mind open to the many possibilities of the universe, especially messages from loved ones who are all around us, all the time.

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