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Blog Post #4

I recently had an occasion to go to New York for business. However, I carved out enough

time to visit the 911 Memorial Site and Museum. To say that it was moving is an

understatement. When you arrive at the site you are immediately struck by the openness

and trees on the plaza where the World Trade Center buildings once stood. Having

visited the World Trade Center and Vista Hotel many times I was awed by the memories

and the vacuum left by their absence. In addition, one has an immediate sense of the

special and spiritual nature of this place where almost 3000 souls left the Earth on their

spiritual journey.

Once I paid my respects at the beautifully designed waterfall Memorial, I went inside to

the 911 Museum. I am so glad I did. The Museum is well-designed and enormous in

scale. It is a magnificent tribute to those who died and especially to the first responders

who rushed into the buildings to save lives. I highly recommend a visit to the Museum if

you get to New York.

Upon thoughtful reflection after departing the Museum, I was deeply touched, even

haunted, by the images and artifacts in the Museum. The most compelling images to me

were the photos of people who chose to plunge to their deaths from the doomed

buildings instead of burning to death or dying from smoke inhalation created by the

roiling inferno.

Of the thousands of people who got out of bed and went to work like any other workday

in their lives, none expected to have to make a decision to jump to death to or be burned

alive on that very day. That brings home the point of life very clearly.

No one has any idea how many days of life they have. Every moment, every breath, every

memory we have on this Earth is a gift…….the gift of life. While I walked away from the

911 Museum with a deep feeling of gratitude and solemn respect, the lingering feeling in

my soul is one of joy for the life I have.

Perhaps we should all take a moment to consider the events of September 11, 2001.

When you leave your home for work today think about how you would like your loved

ones to remember you if you did not come home that evening. Think about what you

might wish you had done more of if you did not make it home. Might you have wished

that you had hugged your wife or children a little harder and a little longer? I doubt you

would wish that you had worked longer hours or made more money.

Thankfully a 911 event does not happen every day. But car accidents, train wrecks, heart

attacks and brain aneurysms do. Take your joy from every moment you are breathing

and consider how you can make your life richer and more meaningful no matter the

circumstances. Take nothing for granted…….ever.

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