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Blog Post #2

This weekend was the first anniversary of the passing of my second son, Matthew. His unexpected passing was shocking and beyond sad. I was out of state when it happened and cut my trip short to rush home to insure that I could properly say goodbye. After his cremation, he was interred in the Newton Family burial plot in Griffin, Georgia.

After losing Mary Alice in June, Matthew’s passing in February was like a second and devastating punch in the stomach. At the age of 31, Matt had his whole life in front of him and he was working for a well-respected jeweler in Atlanta, a position he had desired all his life. He was so happy and seemed to love being back in Atlanta, thus making his passing all that more difficult to understand.

However, I have come to believe that each of us must walk our own path and fulfill our unique and individual destiny. This may be difficult for those who are close to the newly departed but in the end, we have no choice but to accept and learn from the passing of a loved one.

What are the lessons we learn from such an event? First, we must all live our lives with joy and love……..every minute of every day of every year of our lives. Why? Because none of us have any idea how many minutes we have left on this little blue planet. There are so many distractions in life including drugs, alcohol, career, parties, sports, fitness and more. Are these activities then rendered meaningless? No they are not as long as we keep our perspective and realize that life is fleeting and temporary.

And what of love? Do you love everything and everyone in your life? Probably not. But we should. We should love every moment including coffee with friends, a blooming flower, the song of a bird and the brilliance of a bright, sunny day. How many of us fail to see and feel with our hearts?

When it is your time to leave your earthly body, will you have regrets? Most would agree that they would not have worked more or made more money in this life. Most would say that they wish they had spent more time with their children or their parents or treated their colleagues with a bit more love and respect or loved their spouse a bit more genuinely.

What will your regrets be when you your time comes? If you have lived your life with joy and love, you may be able to leave with no regrets. That is my hope for you. Live life to the fullest every moment and love those around you and whatever experience you are having at the moment. If you do, you will be blessed with joy beyond your imagination. Simply stated, try to live your life listening to your heart. Always !

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